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A Healthier Cup of Coffee with Cinnam...

A Healthier Cup of Coffee with Cinnamon

A Healthier Cup of Coffee with Cinnamon   Waking up to another day in paradise starts with a few cups ( yea, I drink a few I admit) of good coffee. Just the thought of it still springs me out of the sack and into the kitchen..just the smell of that first cup brewing is […]

Morgan Douglass Gallagher

Morgan Douglass Gallagher

Morgan Douglass Gallagher July 8,1977 – February 4, 2014   Top o’ the mornin son. Day is done..gone the sun.. All is well..safely rest.. God is nigh. We love and miss you. See you at the top. Peace son. The phone call that I got that day Would change our lives in every way We […]

Keywords..Part 2..The FREE Google Key...


 Keywords..Part 2..The FREE Google Keyword Tool Update: < As most have experienced recently, the FREE Google Tool format has changed. Google has put more time and money into the Adwords which is where this will now direct you. The Keyword search tool is a bit more complex but useable if you tinker a bit. However, […]

Twitter Tips: Who Does Not Follow You...

Twitter Tips

It seems the best way and the recognized way to get your name, brand, website out there these days is of course through social marketing. Who isn’t using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn just to name the big players. Speaking of Twitter.. you do want to get as many followers on your Twitter account that are relevant […]

So what are keywords anyway .. Part 1


Once you choose to set up your own website, the next step would be to buy yourself a domain name that contains the keywords that would lead folks to your site easily when they are doing a Google search. It’s all about Search Engine Optimization. That’s good SEO .. starting with the actual url ( […]

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